Rupee Mail - You Read An Email Newsletter And Make Some Money


make money emails Forget email overload, now a new service in India called RupeeMail is offering to pay you a certain sum of money if you agree to read marketing emails (that contain advertisements) sent via RupeeMail.

You give your email address to RupeeMail and specify your areas of interest - you’ll then receive email advertisements from RupeeMail in your Inbox. To make money, you have to open the email and click on the advertiser’s link. [If you are checking email offline, say in Outlook, sorry no luck.]

Internet users generally get excited with offers that promise easy money and are likely to sign up with RupeeMail in large numbers.

However, it remains to be seen how such services can attract advertisers in the long run when the sole purpose of email subscribers is to make money, not learn about the advertiser’s product. Most will click the link in the email and immediately close the advertiser’s website. After all, there’s no clause that a user has to spend some minimum time on the advertiser’s site before he gets paid.

And before you share your precious email address with RupeeMail, here are a few things you should consider:

1. You never the value of an email advertisement unless you open the email - the company makes no guarantee about the minimum rates for email recipients (imagine the frustration when you open an email that you will get richer by 10 paise)

2. If you are withdrawing payment that’s less than INR 200, you will have to pay postage charges of Rs.20.

3. RupeeMail is not for students. You have to be 18+

mGinger launched a similar service where you get paid to read SMS messages - I never visited their site nor signed up but still received hundreds of messages from people inviting me to join mGinger - they probably gave some points if you add more friends. RupeeMail is giving a cash incentive for a similar thing so expect tons of Rupee Mail invites in your Inbox in the coming days.

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