Reliance NetConnect Data Card for Free

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 6, 2007

windows reliance data card Netconnect – Reliance Infocomm’s CDMA based data card offers wireless internet access on your laptop computer sans a Wifi connection.

As long as the Reliance mobile network is present in some city, town or village, you can use the NetConnect data card to surf the internet as well as make and receive calls and SMS messages from your laptop.

To promote mobile internet access in India, Reliance has offered a new mobile internet data card that will allow Reliance NetConnect customers to virtually get a free Data Card.

The Freedom plan offers free usage of 1 gigabyte every month while the Swift 40 plan offers 40 hours of free usage every month. New customers can purchase the data card for Rs. 2,850 (USB modem data card) and Rs. 2,990 for the PCMCIA data card that slips in your notebook.

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