Get Route Maps and Driving Directions in India via Yahoo! Maps

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 24, 2007
print india roads driving directions

Planning a road trip from Pune to Hyderabad but have no clue about the national highway? Or taking a cab from South Delhi to the Palm Airport but worried that the driver may charge you more by taking a longer route ?

Worry no more as Yahoo! has just added driving directions to Yahoo! Maps for Indian cities, towns and highways.

You type in the name of the two cities (Airport Road, Bangalore to T Nagar, Chennai) or any two locations in one city (From Andheri, Mumbai to Bandra, Mumbai Via Juhu, Mumbai) and Yahoo! will draw the best route for you along with driving directions.

You will also get an idea about the approximate distance between the two locations, driving time and the approximate fare. For airports, you can just type the three letter code (like DEL for Delhi or HYD for Hyderabad).

The most convenient part, especially for tourists, is that you can print and carry the driving directions and instructions in your pocket. Or Yahoo! Maps will send them in short form to your mobile phone as an SMS message.

Visit Yahoo! India Maps at Google Maps India also has road data for lot of Indian cities but not so extensive as Yahoo! India Maps.

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