Blogging with Reliance Mobile Phones in India

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 21, 2008
send sms reliance phone

Blogging is a buzzword in India and Reliance Communications is therefore trying to cash in. They are aggressively marketing Reliance Mobile World, an SMS based application that allows customers to publish pictures, videos and text blogs on the Internet using any Reliance cell phone.

To set up a mobile blog, you need to send the text message as an SMS from the Reliance phone. If you want to publish an image or a video clip, you will have to send them an MMS message (keyword mblog) to 51234.

You’ll know the primary web address of your mobile blog via an SMS that arrives when you send the first mblog SMS or MMS from the Reliance phone.

Considering the enormous reach of Reliance Communications, a large majority of people could be introduced to blogs and blogging which is a good thing but messaging rates are pretty much on the higher side – it costs Rs 5 to send an MMS from the Reliance mobile phone while SMS charges are Rs 3. (same for prepaid and postpaid)

Another problem is the file format – if you send an audio or video MMS, your friends will need the Real Player or Quicktime to view those multimedia clips on the web – there’s no support for Adobe Flash which is disappointing.

If you are a Reliance customer, I would still suggest using Google Blogger or Flickr for setting up a mobile blog. They are free, more reliable and you can post pictures / text entries using any Reliance phone that can send email – no local SMS support in India yet. For videos, YouTube is a good choice since they accept mobile uploads via email.

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