An SBI Credit Card Could Get You an Unlocked iPhone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 20, 2007

unlocked iphone with SBI Credit Card Much before the impending official launch of Apple’s iPhone in India, lot of grey market unlocked phones are available in big markets across the country.

According to Apple sources, iPhone will hit India only in 2008 in partnership with a local player.

But Mumbai-based online shopping site is selling the iPhone to all SBI Credit Card holders for Rs. 26,000 much to the surprise of Apple Inc. The phone can even be used across all mobile networks.

But the legitimacy of the offer is doubted since Apple won’t unlock iPhones for India and that too for a relatively less known shopping site. And these phones would even won’t have any warranty attached with them.

The biggest surprise is that the fact company such as SBI which has a strong brand identity is selling such products. But SBI officials claim that the responsibility lies with Deals4all and not with them.

But die hard fans of iPhone, they are surely not complaining. via

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