Airtel BroadBand Redirects Domain Typos to an Ad Filled Page

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 31, 2008

airtelI have been an Airtel Broadband customer for long and have always appreciated their Internet related services but what they have done recently is sad and misleading.

To quickly recap, if you mistype a web domain address in your browser – you will be redirected to a page that is filled with banner ads, text links and a Yahoo! search box.

Airtel Domain Not Found

Most would assume that the search box is there to help you perform a web search but that’s not the case – it will only search the ad inventory but to mislead customers even more, Airtel also displays a message saying "no web search results."  See screenshot.

Airtel Search

Some may argue that this is just like parked domains on the web but there’s a difference – we are actually paying Airtel for using their services.

To stop Airtel from hijacking your typos and 404 pages, you may consider replacing Airtel DNS servers in your Network Connections with OpenDNS but that’s again no different since OpenDNS too will forward your 404s to their own search pages.

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