Facebook Places Launched in India

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

Facebook Places, a Foursquare like service that lets you broadcast your current location to your other Facebook friends, may have just gone live in India.

The service has been available since day one to all employees of Facebook who are based in India but looks like they are now slowly rolling it out to external users as well.

I don’t have the Places service live on my phone yet but friends Suhel and Veni, who are using the Facebook App on their Android mobile phone, were able to successfully “check-in” on Facebook Places from their Google Gurgaon office.

Sharing your location from the Facebook App is easy. Tap the “Places” icon and then click the “Check-in” button to share your location.

The service will automatically determine your current location and show you a list of nearby places – if your “place” is not listed in the Facebook Places database, you may create it using the mobile app itself.

The Places feature is available on the Facebook apps for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. If you are using a different phone, you may still share your location through the Facebook mobile site at touch.facebook.com but this option is currently not available in India.

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