A Day in the Life of India – TOI’s Impressive Campaign

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 3, 2011

Millions of Indians woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning.

life of indiaThe Times of India, which has the largest number of print subscribers among all English newspapers in the world, carried a full page cartoon on their front page illustrating “a day in the life of India.”

If you aren’t a Times subscriber or haven’t see this cartoon yet, here’s a PDF version.

This is part of a campaign for day.in, IndiaTimes’ latest project where people of any age can post original photos and videos around anything that depict “life in India.”

The overcrowded local trains of Mumbai, our beautiful monuments, the wedding processions, the joy of living in joint families, the Bollywood posters and anything that captures the ‘asli’ India.

The reactions to this TOI cartoon, a work of Neelabh Banerjee, have been mixed so far.

Some people say its offensive, the campaign asks the audience to “celebrate the chaotic, quirky circus called India” – while a big majority, myself included, found the illustration as creative and funny. What do you think?

A Day in the Life of India

[*] Except for a similar name, TOI’s “A Day in the Life of India” project possibly has no connection with YouTube’s “Life in a Day” project though both revolve around user generated content.

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