What Indian Consumers Look for When Buying a Mobile Phone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 20, 2009

A survey was recently conducted across major cities in India to determine parameters that Indian consumers take into consideration when buying a mobile phone. Here’s a summary:

Important considerations in buying a mobile phone

buying phone 

The brand of a mobile phone is one of the most important factor influencing consumers’ buying decision while most people don’t really care about advice being offered by the sales person at the mobile phone shop. Cost too is an important consideration and goes on to explain why iPhone failed in India.

In terms of features, multimedia (especially music) and camera quality of the phone do play an important role. Men or women who are single are much more likely to buy latest phone models and are also concerned about the looks of the phone when making a purchase while the 30+ group prefers "ease of use".

This survey does give some idea about how India consumers make their mobile phone buying decisions but it definitely missed certain important parameters especially battery life, warranty, company’s support network and internet connectivity. The full results will be public on Jan 21.

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