Buy Google Phone in India

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 24, 2009

The feature rich, but not so sleek G1 (popularly known as Google phone) may soon be available in India.

HTC would retail the phone in India for a price higher than the US price. It is likely that the phone would be network locked and Airtel is likely to chosen network as HTC already has an exclusive partnership with Airtel.

Update: Google Android Phones are available in India

It is expected that G1 would be priced a little less than its chief competitor Apple iPhone.

Whether the G1 attracts enough customers, is still a big question mark as seen with iPhone due to its high price. Also, lack of 3G network would devoid consumers of using the features of the phone.

The possibility of Google opening ‘Android Market’ in India would still seem to be a little distant.

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