Adobe Opens Online Software Store in India

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 16, 2012

If you had to buy Photoshop or any of the other Adobe software programs in India, there were essentially two options – you either had to get in touch with one of their software resellers in the country or you could buy DVDs from and get them shipped to India though package forwarding.

Things however got a little convenient now as Adobe has launched their online software store in India thus enabling you to buy software directly using your credit card. The store is open for business at

Adobe’s Indian store currently offers software in downloadable format only though the physical media option could be added later. The software prices listed in the store include all taxes and you won’t have to pay any additional customs fees or import duties.

I did a quick comparison of prices in the Indian store vs. the North American store and turns out that the latter is about 12% cheaper. Also, the “software on rent” option is currently not available in the Indian store.

Price in India StorePrice in U.S. Store
Adobe Photoshop CS6$800 (41,933)$699 (-12%)
Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection$2,973 (155,751)$2,599 (-12%)
Adobe Premier (or Photoshop) Elements 10$99 (5,192)$79 (-20%)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6$457 (23,962)$399 (-12%)

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