Put your Old Vinyl Record Covers to Good Use

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 15, 2010

SleeveFace is an interesting technique where people get themselves photographed in such a way that their face stays hidden behind a sleeve yet it blends perfectly with the background. You could use a glossy magazine, a book, an old vinyl record cover art or even a poster of your favorite star as a sleeve to cover your face.

neil sleeveface love stinks - sleeveface

You can find more examples of Sleeveface style photographs on SleeveFace.com and on Flickr. Some of the best Sleeveface poses are also available as a photo book.

Sleeveface Yourself

In case you plan to create a Sleeveface with your own photograph, all you need is a digital camera, a sleeve and a friend who can patiently click your snaps because you may not get it right immediately.

The following video has more tips on you can capture a perfect sleeveface where the sleeve blends with the background. Make sure you are wearing matching colors.

Thank you Ashu Mittal for the tip.

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