E-Learning for Preschool Children – Parents Will Love This

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 11, 2007

I have spent hours on YouTube looking for classic nursery rhymes for my son who is now two+, attending pre-nursery school and a frequent visitor to my blogging office.

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While nursery rhymes on YouTube keep him busy, there’s a much better alternative that will will also help in school and it’s called Kindersay.

children learning

Kindersay is probably the best website on the planet for young kids to help them learn English words on their own. They show a self running picture slideshow of animals, alphabets, fruits and other things that kindergarten child can easily recognize.

If you have a dual computer screen, you can open Kindersay website on one screen so your kid is learning something good and new while your are not disturbed. Watch the video above that shows my son enjoy Kindersay.

Thanks Mike for such an awesome find – all mommies will love this.

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