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Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 9, 2010 is a place where you can easily create new office documents in the browser or upload your existing documents and share them with your circle of Facebook friends as well as the outside web. The service is exactly like Office Web Apps except that it uses your Facebook account and not your Windows Live ID (see initial review).

The FUSE Labs team at Microsoft, that is responsible for and other interesting projects (including Kodu for creating video games), is busy adding new mashups to to make the service even more appealing to Facebook users.

analyze facebook friends

For instance, they have created a template called Friends Chart that automatically pulls information of all your Facebook friends and presents them as editable charts inside a spreadsheet. You get to visualize your friend mix by gender, by their age group and their current location (city).

Then there’s the Slideshow template that will help you turn any of your Facebook photo albums into a nice and animated photo slideshow in PowerPoint format.

These are some built-in samples but going forward, I hope the FUSE Labs team can provide some sort of Google Apps Script like functionality that will let anyone write simple mashups around Facebook using the platform. That would be very interesting!

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