Why Microsoft PowerPoint is not Evil

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012

In Defense of ‘Evil’ Microsoft PowerPoint

People come across a bad presentation with unreadable fonts, poor color schemes or cheap clipart and more often than not, their first reaction is to put the blame on Microsoft PowerPoint and not on the person who created those slides.

Some even go to the extent of calling PowerPoint evil, a professor found the world’s most-used presentation software bad for the human brain while an American General in Afghanistan called PowerPoint as their enemy (possibly due to the evil slides).

Ed Fidgeon isn’t very happy with the “evil” classification and he’s using the exact same tool to convince others that PowerPoint isn’t the problem but the presenter is. Ed makes some convincing points here – you don’t blame Gmail for bad emails but the sender or you don’t blame the phone for a boring conversation but the person on the other side.

Complex and Evil PowerPoint Slides

complex powerpoint slide
An extremely complex PowerPoint slide prepared by NATO
evil powerpoint slide
An “Evil” PowerPoint slide by an Afghanistan commander

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