Creative Pillow Designs Inspired by Tech

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 28, 2010

Smiley (Emoticon) Pillows

smiley pillows

Adobe Creative Suite Icon Cushions

adobe icon pillows

Mac OS X Dock Pillows

apple mac pillows

DOS Command Prompt Pillow

dos command pillow

RSS Icon – Throw Pillow

rss pillow 

TV Cushion

tv cushion

QR Code Pillows – the decoded message will read "Too sexy to be a geek."

qrcode pillows 

Geek Pillow – Hand Embroidered

geek hand pillow

Reboot Pillow Set of Alt+Ctrl+Del

Alt Ctrl Del Pillow

iPod Pillows

ipod mp3 pillows

Windows Vista Desktop Pillow

computer screen pillow

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