How to Advertise your Website on TV Channels?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 26, 2011

Running a TV commercial for example.comDo you wish to advertise your website on national TV channels but don’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on a TV commercial, one that would air for only thirty seconds?

Well this may come as a pleasant surprise but you can actually run ads on TV for your business for the price of a dinner out. The ads may not air during the very expensive prime-time shows but you can still reach the TV audience with a limited budget. Watch this story from Slate.

Seth Stevenson of Slate Magazine shares how he used Google TV Ads, a service of Google, to run an ad on the national Fox News channel for as little as hundred bucks!

It’s a pretty straightforward process and anyone can run a TV campaign in minutes from the comfort of their living room using any Internet connected computer.

You upload a video file to your Google AdWords account, set a daily budget (amount that you are willing to spend per day on the TV commercial), pick a time of the day when you want the ad to air and finally choose a list of networks (or specific TV shows) on which you’d like to broadcast your ad.

TV networks for Google Ads

Coming back to Slate’s experiment, their TV ad was aired a total of 54 times on 4 different cable networks and was seen by at least 1.3 million people.

Slate had put a website URL in their TV ad and it turned out that 1,000+ people actually visited that website after watching the TV commercial. The total cost for running the TV campaign was only $1300 – that’s like paying a very reasonable cost of $1 per visitor (CPC).

Whether you a freelance web designer or run a discount store on eBay, Google TV ads can be an exciting platform to find new customers for your small business with limited budget for advertising. The service is currently available to advertisers located in the United States and you can only target U.S. based cable networks.

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