100,000 RSS Subscribers

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 28, 2012

I am so happy to share that Digital Inspiration has touched a little milestone – this tech blog now has 100,000 RSS subscribers according to numbers provided by FeedBurner.

It has taken more than six years for the blog to reach that exciting number :)

A big thank you for all the messages that you have sent me on Twitter since yesterday in response to this tweet – I am preserving them all so that they don’t get lost among the billions of tweets that are generated everyday.

todeepakr: @labnol Congrats Amit

justkalpana: @labnol <<whistle whistle>> I know the feeling when a blog milestone is reached (can’t compare with your numbers though!)

zareenkazim: @labnol Congratulations :)

adithya10: @labnol : congrats.. I wish u get to reach more n more heights. Keep up.. :)

ShuchiU: @labnol Congratulations!

namit_gupta: @labnol Sir, its a great feat, you are a guiding light for ever blogger in India. Congrats. :-)

5u5h1th: @labnol congrats amit, keep up the good work..

denharsh: @labnol That’s a great achievement.. Congrats

mohak: @labnol – Amit its a terrific feat! 100k Cheers!

ashokvedagiri: @labnol WOW that’s really great – im sure it’s going to get double in less than half duration now!!! Amit Sir – YOU ROCK!

Netra: Wow, Congrats!

munawer_t: Congrats . You deserve it :)

sankara: @labnol congrats

itechbrij: @labnol congratulation !!!

anandhthakur: @labnol congrats. I love all your post, really helpful.

RahulSharma49: @labnol i m lucky that i m one of them

manansinghi: The real deal. Congratulations!

AshuMittal: @labnol Wowza! Congratulations!

harmanjit: @labnol Congrats! Amit ji on reaching that milestone! :-)

patrix: @labnol Awesome. In the world of re-linking, you still produce genuinely useful content.

twilightfairy: @labnol congratulations!

shailu_agrawal: @labnol Congratulations! However you need more frequent updates without compromising quality

Jobey: Awesome, congrats!!

Jyotishonline: You deserve this. Keep it up.

Nobribe: Equal 2 a hole lot of Indian Bloggers put tgthr.Class apart.

sudeepshroff: It deserves.

nitinmunjal7: Congrats! :)

beastoftraal: Really well deserved @labnol – the fact that it is RSS makes it special, over twitter followers or fans elsewhere!

varunkrish: @labnol congrats !

manupriyarae: @labnol Wow! Gr8 going Amit:)

dpreacher: @labnol congratulations. I do subscribe via bloglines :)

vijaysankaran: @labnol congrats awesome record!

tsuvik: @labnol Whoa! Congrats :)

kalyanz: @labnol Congrats !

aristarkhos: @labnol Congrats!

KafleSudip: @labnol Congrats. Happy to be one in the list

ratichaudhary: @labnol congrats sir :)

ppival: @labnol Wow indeed – congratulations!

insanitywetrust: @labnol that’s awesome. Congratulations Amit :-)

keithdsouza: @labnol congrats, i see it going even more higher soon :)

chnmanish: @labnol Congrats , why dont you try Aweber

suhel: @labnol Congratulations! Huge feat!

abhishek: @labnol all ur hard work – congrats :)

apnerve: @labnol congrats!!

Gagrin: Congrats !

rajasekarn: @labnol congrats

MarkONeill: @labnol Well done Amit! A great achievement!

Gauravduke: @labnol Congratulation Sir………….

vyomashar: @labnol Congrats Amit

IndiaMVP: RT @labnol: Just got to know that labnol.org has touched 100,000 RSS subscribers .. wow!!

rameshnair: @labnol Congrats Amit, though I still come to the site directly and never used the RSS reader

tsevis: @labnol Congrats, Amit! That’s really impressive!

surajkala: @labnol congrats .. time to call ‘Limca Book of Records’ ppl

wadvisor: Congrats to @labnol for passing 100,000 RSS Subscribers. Great job and well done.

binoyxj: @labnol Congrats buddy :)

samirmantrao: @labnol congratulations

karthikmns: @labnol deserve it!

truvoip: @labnol Congrats Amit….way to go!!

mayurjango: @labnol wow.. that’s awesome. Congrats!!

tusharm: @labnol not surprised. Your blog has the most useful information i have seen in a long time.

kanwarsation: Wow.

Intel_Legends: @labnol Congratulations on that! Good to know!

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