Compare Free and Premium Editions of Form Notifications

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The Google Forms notification add-on is available as a free download for all Gmail and G Suite accounts.  The basic features are free but you can upgrade to premium for more features.

The license applies to the entire Google account and thus all Google Forms under the same Google Account will be upgraded to premium. In other words, you require a single license for all Google Forms in your account. Also, the license is only required by the form owner and not the form respondents.

FeatureFree EditionPremium Edition
Email LimitMax 20 responses per daySend 400 - 1500 email recipients per day depending on the type of your Gmail / GSuite account. Learn more.
Send multiple emails per Google Form submissionYesYes
Number of Form Rules allowedOneUnlimited
CC and BCCNot availableAdd one or more email recipients in the CC or BCC field of the email
Notify form respondentYesYes
Send email notifications from a different email aliasYesYes
“Sent via” branding removed from email notifications.NoYes, all branding removed from emails
Send emails from a generic no-reply email addressNoYes (requires a G Suite or Google Apps account)
Send conditional email notifications based on form answersNoYes, send responses to different people based on user’s answers
Manually resend email notifications to old responsesNoYes
Technical support includedNoEmail support included
Premium Upgrade-Upgrade to Premium
Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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