How to CC and BCC Email Addresses in Google Forms

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The Email Notifications add-on for Google Forms lets you send emails to one or more addresses when someone fills and submits your Google Form. All the specified email addresses are included in the TO field of the email message but if you are a premium user, you also have an option to specify email addresses in the CC and/or BCC field of the email message.

This is useful is multiple scenarios. For instance, if you are school, you can choose to automatically BCC all form emails to the class teacher. Or if you are in a company using Google Forms for receiving customer requests, you can use CC to notify all the team members in the same notification.

To get started, go to the Google Forms add-on menu and choose Create Email Notifications. If you have set up a rule ready, choose Manage Form Settings to edit the existing notification.

Google Forms BCC and CC

Here, if you are a premium user, you’ll see additional fields for CC and BCC as shown in the screenshot. You can put one more email addresses in the field, separated by commas, and it also supports dynamic fields where the value is replaced by the actual answer from the form.

For instance, if your question title is “What is the manager’s email?”, you can put the question in the cc field as {{What is the manager’s email?}} and they’ll be CC’ed in every email notification. The question title and {{placemarker}} should match exactly.

If you have used any conditional emails in Google Forms, where the email is sent to a different recipient based on form answers, those matching email addresses are always included in the TO field of the email notification.

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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