What is the Daily Email Sending Limit for Gmail Mail Merge

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With Mail Merge for Gmail, you can send emails to anywhere between 400 to 1500 email recipients per day and your daily sending limit will depend on the type of your Google account.

How to Check your Email Sending Limit

You can use the Mail Merge program to quickly check your email sending limit in Gmail. Here’s how:

  1. Install the Mail Merge program.
  2. Inside your Google Sheets, go to Addons menu, choose Mail Merge with Attachments and then click the Show Email Quota menu.
  3. It will show your current email sending quota.

Email Sending Limit - Gmail Mail Merge

Mail Merge Quota for Gmail Accounts

If you have a @gmail account, you can email up to 25 email recipients per 24 hours with the free edition of Mail Merge. Premium users can email up to 400 email recipients per day with mail merge for Gmail.

Mail Merge Quota for GSuite (Google Workspace)

There are two categories of GSuite accounts.

  1. Legacy Google Apps accounts, or GSuite Legacy, that are completely free.
  2. GSuite accounts where you pay Google a monthly fee per user. These are now known as Google Workspace accounts.

Limit for GSuite Legacy

If you have a free Google Apps legacy account, where you don’t pay Google a monthly subscription fee per user, your daily sending limit for Mail merge will be the same as those of free Gmail accounts.

Email Limit for GSuite Google Workspace

If you have a paid GSuite account (GSuite Basic, GSuite Business, or GSuite Enterprise), you can send up to 1500 emails per day with the premium version of Mail merge.  GSuite for Education, Government, and Nonprofits also have the higher 1500 limit provided you have upgraded to the premium edition of Mail Merge.

Free (download)Premium (buy)
Gmail (@gmail)25400
GSuite Legacy (free)25400
GSuite (Google Workspace)251500

The Mail Merge limits are per user of the GSuite domain. So if your organization has, say 5 users, each user in the domain will have their own limit and it is not shared with other users.

Email Sending Limits - Frequently Asked Questions

Check your Google Account Type

If your email address ends with @gmail.com or @googlemail.com, you have a free Gmail account, else it is a GSuite account.

To check the type of your GSuite account, go to this page, sign-in with your GSuite account and it will show the type of your GSuite account.

Alternatively, go to admin.google.com, sign-in with your GSuite admin account, click the Billing Section and it will show the type of your GSuite account.

Email Quota Exhausted Too Soon

Q: My mail merge email quota is 1500 email recipients per day. I’ve sent only 750 emails today and my quota is exhausted. Why?

Your daily sending quota for Gmail Mail Merge is total email recipients per day.

For every email message that you send with Mail Merge, the total number of recipients (including each recipient in the To:, CC: and BCC: fields) is counted against the maximum number of emails you can send in a 24-hour period (your sending quota).

Thus if you send 1 email but include 2 addresses in the CC or BCC fields, Gmail will count them as 3 recipients and your email quota will be reduced by 3 for that day.

Google will reset your daily quota around 1 PM PST.

Lower Email Sending Limit for GSuite Users

Q: I’ve a paid GSuite account but the email sending limit with Mail Merge is still limited to 400 email recipients per day. Why is the email limit not increased even with GSuite?

This is likely because you have recently upgraded to the paid edition of GSuite. When you create a new GSuite account, or migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace, Google will only increase your daily email sending limit after a few billing cycles.

They initially put you in a trial mode and the sending limit is increased only after your account is removed from trial. To move your account out of trial earlier, you can either make an early payment or increase the number of users in your GSuite domain.

Your limits are automatically increased when your GSuite account is cumulatively billed for at least USD $30 (or equivalent). If you purchased your domain from Google, the amount required to increase your sending limits is USD $30 plus the cost of your domain.

Please contact GSuite Support directly for help on how to move your account out of trial mode.

Google Support says that any newly created Google Workspace domains are subject to the consumer limit for the first billing cycle if they have six or more users, or several billing cycles if they have fewer uses.

Mail Merge Limit vs Gmail Limit

Q: Why can I send 1500 emails per day with Mail Merge when I can send more number of emails on Gmail website?

The sending limit for Gmail is different from Mail Merge because the latter sends emails through Gmail APIs that have a different email sending quota.

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