Zune HD or iPod Touch – Which One Should You Buy?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 14, 2009

Should you go for an iPod Touch or buy the new Zune HD? Paul Thurrot, in his review of Zune HD, says that Zune HD misses the iTunes App store and there’s a lack of add-ons that help you connect a music player with an external device like the car stereo or your wireless speakers at home:

While the Zune HD appears to compete nicely with the iPod touch, it falls short in a few areas. The Zune HD screen, while gorgeous, is a bit smaller than that of the touch, and of course this device lacks the amazing App Store compatibility that drives iPod touch sales.

Speaking of ecosystem support, another huge strength of the iPod line is the huge selection of iPod-compatible hardware devices, most of which are based around the iPod dock connector. The Zune has nothing like this, and those who choose the Zune have much fewer add-ons (including such things as cases and car attachments, among others) from which to choose.

While the Zune HD can output in 720p HD when connected to an HDTV via the AV Dock, this is really a secondary way to enjoy Zune-based content in your living room (or it soon will be). Microsoft sees its Xbox 360 as the entertainment hub in the living room, and certainly as the Zune software gets more and more entwined into the 360 over time, the console will become more viable in this regard. But the HD-based Zune HD output seems a bit redundant.

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