Winter Hand Gloves for Touch-Screen Mobile Devices

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 2, 2009

If you are standing out in freezing cold and don’t want to remove that pair of winter hand gloves just to make a phone call or for writing a quick email, here’s something for you.

touch screen gloves

Touch Screen electronic gadgets like the iPhone, BlackBerry Storm or iPod Touch do not respond well if the skin of your finger is covered with gloves but there are couple of good options that will help you enjoy these mobile devices even in harsh winters.

The first option is Etry Touchy – it’s an hand-glove that only exposes the tip of your thumbs and index finger so you can do all the regular actions on the touch display like type, slide or tap while keeping all the other fingers of your hand warm and dry.

Simon created these partly fingerless gloves as he was frustrated with the fact that the touch-screen of his phone would only respond only to the touch of his naked fingertips and he had to remove his gloves every time he needed to make a call.

The next option for touch screen phone users is DOTS – these are again a pair of woolen hand-gloves but unlike Etry Touches, they won’t expose any of your fingers to the biting cold.

Instead, these gloves have "dots" that are fitted at the fingertips to help you navigate the iPhone controls. These dots are smoothly curved so you won’t damage the screen of your touch screen device.

While DOTS are primarily aimed at users of touch screen mobile phones, Etry Touchy can also be used for other phones like holding the stylus pen or for typing on the BlackBerry keyboard.

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