Is Your Hard Disk Making Strange Clicking Sounds?

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They say prevention is better than cure so if your computer’s hard disk is making some strange clicking sounds, it’s probably time to backup data because noises are often symptoms of a failing hard drive.

Now not all sounds coming from the computer may be signs of trouble (for instance the culprit could be noisy fan and not the disk) so how you distinguish noises specific to the hard drive?

Data Cent, a data recovery firm who probably know more about noisy hard drive than anyone else, has created a useful resource with sounds from hard drives of different manufactures and what these sounds indicate.

noisy hard disk I had some trouble loading the MP3 at the time of writing but there’s another similar but more general resource here – just hover the mouse over the kind of noise you hear and it will display the possible cause with the sound.

You can also download this zip file containing four different sounds that indicate a troubled Hard Disk.

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Published in: hard drive

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