Replace Your TV with an LCD Computer Monitor

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 29, 2009

There are many reason why you may want to replace your Television with a computer monitor and watch TV programs, DVD movies, music videos, etc. on the computer screen itself via the Internet.

1. You don’t have have to pay monthly charges for your Cable TV subscription and there’s no rent for the DVR box so you save money.

2. A lot of web shows aren’t available on TV like these video podcasts. Similarly, you can watch latest movies, music videos and TV episodes on your computer via sites like Hulu, YouTube, iTunes web store, Amazon, Netflix live streaming, etc.

3. If you are living in an already cramped studio apartment and don’t have enough space, you can just buy a large computer monitor that will also work as an LCD TV.

4. You can use DVR software to record web shows and TV programs to your hard disk so that you can watch them later. There are free DVR software on the web so you don’t have to buy anything.

5. Some LCD monitors have a built in HD tuner and a remote so you can operate TV or change channels even from the couch. These TV tuner cards accept a cable TV coaxial input so you can watch live TV broadcast on the computer monitor even while you work on an Excel sheet or writing an email in Outlook.

6. If you have a Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard and mouse (like the Microsoft Wireless Desktop), you can use it as a TV remote as well.

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NYT has some good buying recommendation if you are looking to buy a computer monitor (or widescreen HD Display) that you also plan to use for watching TV:

"If you’re looking to have your monitor work two jobs in your house, is to go with a minimum of 24 inches of screen size, make sure it has digital inputs like DVI or DisplayPort, and also features a 1000:1 contrast ratio at minimum."

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