Read PDF Files in Sony Book Reader

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

If you are looking to read Adobe PDF documents like ebooks, Microsoft Office files, PDF magazines, etc. on your Sony Book Reader, this FAQ from Sony would help. Also if a document type is not supported by Sony (like PowerPoint PPT or CHM), you can save that file to PDF and read inside Sony.

Q: Can I use eBooks that I bought from other retailers with my Reader Digital Book?

A: You can use Adobe Digital Editions software to download your personal eBooks in PDF or EPUB format into Sony PRS-505 Digital Reader.

Q: Can I use any PDF file with my Reader Digital Book?

A: Yes, you can read PDF files on the Reader Digital Book. Copyright-protected PDF and ePub files acquired from other sources can be copied to and read on the PRS-505 Reader Digital Book from Sony using the latest eBook Library software and device firmware along with Adobe’s Digital Editions application (ADE 1.5).

Q: How do I change the orientation of PDF documents in Sony Reader?

A: To change the orientation of the page, press and hold the SIZE button until the screen orientation changes.

Q: I purchased a PDF file but I cannot import/read it on my Reader Digital Book.

A: The PDF you purchased might be an encrypted file from another service. eBook Library Software lets you import only unprotected PDF files.

Q: How do I change the font size on Sony ebook reader?

A: When displaying PDF documents on the Reader Digital Book the text size may be small depending on the PDF format. The Reader offers two sizing options, small (S) or medium (M). These sizes are available in both orientation options. If the PDF document is too small to be read in Vertical, change the orientation to Horizontal to display the document.

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