Synchronize Outlook with BlackBerry Without Microsoft Exchange

How to Synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes from Microsoft Outlook to Blackberry without using Microsoft Exchange server. Can you sync Outlook and BlackBerry via BlueTooth ?

October 01, 2007

Q: How to sync your Outlook mails calendar and Tasks List without using Microsoft Exchange Server (or Lotus Notes)?

A: You can sync Outlook software with BlackBerry offline using the USB cable and Intellisync (Blackberry Desktop Manager). All Blackberry mobile phones have excellent Microsoft Outlook synchronization capabilities.

Connect the Blackberry to your computer, open the Intellisync application and In the Synchronize now section, select the Synchronization PIM check box. Click Synchronize now.

You can also use POP3 access to retrieve email to your BlackBerry phone. Not sure but Outlook Blackberry sync may also be possible wirelessly via BlueTooth in addition to USB.

Works with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. BlackBerry Desktop Software is included in your Blackberry Installation CD.