Copy iTunes Music to your BlackBerry with BlackBerry Media Sync

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 23, 2008

BlackBerry iTunes Sync BlackBerry Media Sync is a free software from RIM, the developers of BlackBerry mobile phones, to help you copy music files from your computer to the BlackBerry phone using playlists created in iTunes media player.

Though the built-in BlackBerry Media Player can play both audio and video files, this BlackBerry Media Sync software can transfer only songs and audio podcasts – you cannot use this utility to put iTunes videos on BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Sync will be available by default in the upcoming BlackBerry 9000 Bold mobile phones but the software is also available as a standalone download for existing owners of BlackBerry.

Here’s a direct link to download BlackBerry Sync – BlackBerryMediaSyncDM.exe – RIM has hosted the BlackBerry Media Sync installer on their distribution servers though it has not been announced officially yet.

In case you are not able to download the installer from the above location, the file is also available here as pointed by a commenter on

BlackBerry owners, who also have an iPod or an iPhone and manage their music library through iTunes, may therefore find BlackBerry Sync very useful because it removes the need for installing Roxio Media Manager that comes with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Just connect the BlackBerry to your computer via USB port and sync iTunes music just like you sync Outlook information though it doesn’t work with DRM protected MP3s.

BlackBerry Media Sync is available for Windows XP and Vista but not Mac.

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