Stop Receiving Emails from GMail Sent Items In BlackBerry Inbox

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 22, 2009

Every time you send an email from BlackBerry, a copy of that email arrives back in your inbox. That’s because the mail you just sent is saved in the Sent Items folder (of GMail or Microsoft Outlook) and BlackBerry probably confuses that with a new email.

To fix this, open your BlackBerry Internet Services portal (like or, login and create a new filter.

block blackberry emails

Filter Name: Block Sent Items

Apply Filter When: "From" field


Now check "Do not forward messages to device" and click Save. Exist the BIS website and your own email won’t reach your BlackBerry again.

If you are on Microsoft Exchange server, you may disable the synchronization of Sent Items folders (that contains your emails sent from the Exchange mailbox) via BlackBerry itself.

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