Most Popular Software Applications for Mobile Phones (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm)

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 27, 2007

List of most popular mobile phone apps based on number of downloads at Handango website compiled for Business Week. Some of them are must have software if you want to take that smartphone to the next level.

Windows Mobile Phones

Microsoft Voice Command – Another application that makes it easier to use voice commands, this time to look up contacts, make phone calls, and choose music.

Spb Mobile Shell 1.5 – Users of Windows Mobile devices can improve digital menus with software that displays such content as appointments and weather forecasts in an uncluttered way.

Spb Diary 2.5 (Windows Mobile Phones) – This personal organizer allows users of Windows Mobile devices to enhance their Pocket Outlook experience by viewing contacts, tasks, and notes in a single place, eliminating the need to toggle from one window to the next.

Spb Pocket Plus – Another tool that lets the user change the look of what’s displayed on the screen, this software lets Microsoft Mobile users customize calendars, more easily close programs, and scroll contact lists using a finger. It also makes sure you don’t lose information during restarts.

Pocket Informant 2007 – Created for Pocket PC devices, this software lets users create and move appointments and tasks. Perfect for planning.


PocketMirror Standard Edition – The software helps users sync Microsoft Outlook features, such as Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks, with comparable Palm OS applications on a handset.

VoiceControl (Nuance Communications) – The software enables users of devices based on the Palm operating system to voice-dial, dictate e-mail and text messages, and view Web content without pressing a button.

RIM BlackBerry

Ringtone Megaplex for BlackBerry – Designed for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry devices, this software offers more than 1,000 distinctive ringtones in genres from classical to pop.

Ringphonic Lite – This application lets BlackBerry owners personalize ringtones with music from their favorite musicians or movie themes. Users can download four new ringtones a month.

MobiTV – Offers Television and Digital Radio on any mobile phones.

With more than a million subscribers, MobiTV offers many popular TV channels from content providers such as MSNBC, ABC News Now, CNN, Fox News, Fox Sports, ESPN 3GTV, NBC Mobile, CNBC, CSPAN, The Discovery Channel, TLC, The Weather Channel and others that deliver cartoons, music videos and comedy. via

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