iPhone 3G Sales Figure in India: Too Disappointing

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 11, 2008

iphone 3giPhone 3G is now the largest selling mobile phone in the US according to TechCrunch. Apple sold nearly 7 million iPhone units in the last quarter itself surpassing Motorola Razr as well as the BlackBerry Curve.

But the story is very different if we look at the iPhone 3G sales in India for the same period. According to numbers published in Business Today, Apple managed to sell only 4,000 headsets in India so far since the official launch that happened some three months ago.


While these are official numbers (and some people still buy iPhone from grey channels), they do indicate that the high price of iPhone ($800+) is kind of playing spoil-sport here in India.

And the mobile phone operators put the blame on Apple since it is the one who fixed the price of iPhone in India – "As a service provider, we are simply providing the iPhone experience to our customers. The price of the phone has been fixed in tandem with Apple and there is no room for us [Airtel] to keep a profit margin."

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