Unlock Airtel BlackBerry Mobile Phones; Use Any GSM SIM Card

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 27, 2014

How to unlock Airtel Blackberry mobile phone in India so that it works with the SIM card of any other cellular services like Vodafone, Reliance, etc.

BlackBerry phones from Airtel are SIM locked to Airtel Network, and no other operator’s SIM will work on these devices. But you can still unlock BlackBerry using this procedure.

1. Call 7070 from your Airtel Phone or send an email to bb.support@airtel.in

2. Tell the Airtel Blackberry support that you are traveling to another city where you don’t want to pay the heavy roaming charges and will be using a prepaid SIM card. (another excuse is that Airtel network is not present in that region)

3. Provide them your Blackberry PIN and Device IMEI number. To locate the PIN and IMEI information, turn the BlackBerry device off and remove the battery. Look for the sticker on the BlackBerry device with the PIN information where the battery is usually located.

4. Airtel support will then send you the unlock code (Blackberry password) along with the simple unlock procedure for Blackberry.

You can enter the BlackBerry unlock code from Options -> SIM card.

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