Compare Size of Mobile Phones Online

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 4, 2010

When shopping online for a mobile phone (or a digital camera or an MP3 player), we usually read the first-hand reviews on gadget websites and then we do a comparison shopping to shortlist merchants who offer the best deals.

Perfect but while all these websites publish close images and the exact dimensions, it is still tough for an average consumer to visualize how big that model is without looking at it physically.

No worries, here are two excellent resources to help you visualize products better:

Compare Sizes of Mobile Phones with SizEasy

mobile phones sizeSay you have a Nokia N95 and plan to buy either an iPhone or the Motorola Q.   Use the SizEasy service to quick compare the physical sizes of these different phone models.

If your phone is not in the database, just type the dimensions. You can also compare phone sizes to more popular physical options like a Coke can or a match box.

Test Drive Mobile Phones with TryPhone

TryPhone gives you the ability to try any mobile handset before you buy it online.

They provide interactive virtual handsets to simulate all the features of a physical device – you can test-drive the keyboard layouts, screen or run applications on the phone.

Not a big collection but features almost all the popular phone models.

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