Download BlackBerry Desktop Software 4.5 & BlackBerry Device Manager 4.5

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 19, 2008

Here are the links to download BlackBerry Desktop Software 4.5 with or without the Roxio Media Manager. You may also download the free BlackBerry Device Manager 4.5 software here for managing your multiple BlackBerry phones or if you want to migrate data from a BlackBerry, Palm Treo or Windows Mobile phone to a BlackBerry. And here are some other places of interest fro BlackBerry owners:

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3. About BlackBerry OS 4.5 Upgrade

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software lets you synchronize your email and Outlook information (calendar, contacts, memos and tasks) between your BlackBerry and your computer. You may also use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to backup and restore data from BlackBerry to your PC or use BlackBerry as a USB drive for storing documents.

Roxio media manager that comes with BlackBerry Desktop Software helps you in converting web videos, audio CDs and music files for BlackBerry and for transferring these music / video files to the BlackBerry.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software 4.5

  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5 B16 – English – no media manager (450_b016_english_nomediamanager.exe) – Download 61.10036 MB
  • Blackberry Desktop Software 4.5.0 bundle 16 English – With media manager – 450_b016_english.exe – Download 192.31 MB
  • Blackberry Desktop Software 4.5.0 b16 Multilanguage – With Media Manager – 450_b016_multilanguage.exe – Download 276.72487 MB
  • Blackberry Desktop Software 4.5.0 bundle 16 Multilanguage – Without media manager – 450_b016_multilanguage_nomediamanager.exe – Download 93.67067 MB

Download BlackBerry Device Manager 4.5 – File Size 16 MB

  • BlackBerry Device Manager FRA – BlackBerry_Device_Manager_FRA_4.5_13.msi – Download 
  • BlackBerry Device Manager ESP – BlackBerry Device Manager_ESP_4.5_13.msi  – Download 
  • BlackBerry Device Manager ENG – BlackBerry Device Manager_ENG_4.5_13.msi – Download
  • BlackBerry Device Manager DEU – BlackBerry Device Manager_DEU_4.5_13.msi – Download

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