BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5 – New Features & Screenshot

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 7, 2008

BGR recently published a preview of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5 but they have taken that article down for some reason.


Here’s  a screenshot of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5 from my feed reader’s cache.

New features in BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5 according to BGR:

"The new release of BlackBerry Desktop Manager will feature a complete overhaul of the interface from top to bottom. While this beta version does not feature any major enhancements above and beyond the UI asthetics, it is certainly a breath of fresh air from the 1998-esque releases we have previously seen from RIM. We expect this version to launch around the same time as the ever-fabled OS 4.5 device software.

It appears the included Roxio Media Manager no longer includes the full Roxio Media Creator Suite but rather the Media Manager portion only. Two other features that are missing from this beta version are the ability to use your device as a tethered modem and the ability to force-load an OS to a "507" device (one that has been wiped using JavaLoader) using Application Loader."

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