Microsoft Second Light Adds Another Dimension to the Surface Table

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 18, 2012

Microsoft Research continues to impress ever since they launched the World Wide Telescope.

Recently they brought to light another prototype called Microsoft SecondLight that detects where the surface is being touched on a screen and allows an image to be projected on to the material held just above.

The video starts with the astral projection of the constellations and zooming into Orion. They then overview a satellite image of a town and zoom in to see street names projected on to.

Slashdot says – “This means you can have a satellite image of a town on the table, and have the street names projected on to a piece of paper that the user holds above the map. Or you could have a photo of a car, with the tracing paper displaying images of its innards.”

It’s interesting to see what applications Microsoft will plan to use it in, we had looked into some of their products for future homes, with them already confirming the use of Touch technology for Windows 7. For more technical details about the SecondLight technology, get this PDF.

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