Amazon Chart Compares Kindle Fire with the iPad

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 23, 2011
Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad

Amazon has put a detailed chart on their website comparing the $199 Kindle Fire with the $499 iPad 2. The shopping season is near and Amazon is making an attempt to portray the Kindle Fire as a cheaper alternative to the iPad 2.

Obviously the $199 price tag makes this Android based Amazon tablet very affordable but there’s one point in the comparison table that amuses me.

Amazon, in the chart, says that Kindle Fire supports Adobe Flash while iPad 2 doesn’t. Didn’t Adobe announce earlier this month that they are discontinuing development of Flash for mobile devices? Amazon is likely to have prepared this chart after Adobe’s announcement so I wonder why they are still bragging about Flash support in Kindle Fire.

The comparison table also make no mention of cameras and microphones.

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