iRex Digital Reader 1000 Review

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 20, 2008

iRex’s latest e-reader is called the iRex Digital Reader 1000 and it features a 10′ diagonal screen.

The biggest difference between iRex Digital Reader and competing products like Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle is that iRex can display PDF files, HTML web pages and even Microsoft Office documents like PowerPoint presentations or Word .doc files without requiring any conversion.

But this comes at a price. The basic version of iRex Digital Reader 100 will cost in excess of $600.

iRex has partnered with Wacom to bring Tablet PC like features in the ebook reader. For instance you can use the stylus pen to write or sketch on the screen and that gets saved with your document in iRex’s memory. You could connect the iRex to your PC via USB and convert all the handwritten text into digital format just like Microsoft OneNote or Abbyy Reader.

iRex Digital Reader that supports handwritten notes is expensive by another $100 though it still has a black and white (or rather gray) ink screen for your color documents.

For additional dollars, you’ll get built-in WiFi so you may connect to any of the available wireless networks and download the latest magazines, books or newspapers subscriptions to your iRex device as you download music to Zune.

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