iRex 1000 – The Best e-Book Reader for PDF and HTML Files

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 22, 2008

Forbes says that the iRex Digital Reader 1000 offers PDF reading capabilities that are not present in competing products like Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader. No other reader is currently capable of rendering PDFs at their appropriate scale. Excerpts:

"Where iRex shines isn’t in book-formatted text, but in the no-nonsense business and legal documents: Word, HTML and above all, PDFs. On the DR1000’s 10.2-inch diagonal screen, with slightly brighter whites and darker blacks than the last generation of E-Ink devices, PDFs not only scale to the right dimensions, but their text and graphics appear crisper and more paper-like than E-Ink has ever looked before.

The DR1000 is also the only reader that allows users to mark up documents with a stylus. It saves your scribbles, notes and underlined text in the document and even lets you share them with other users. "

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