How Many External Monitors are Attached to your Computer?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 9, 2009

Microsoft Research suggests that adding another monitor to your computer is good as multiple screens make computing tasks easier and can enhance users’ productivity by as much as 9 percent.

You may have seen workstations having one or two external screens but nothing like Mitch Haile’s work environment – he works on 9 desktop screens simultaneously and of these 9 screens, 6 are attached to just one Mac computer. Some pictures.

multiple monitor arrangement six monitors one computer

He uses a 21600 x 21600 NASA image for the desktop background and no wonder, the size of the huge wallpaper alone is 22 MB.

widescreen wallpaper

Mitch has posted a detailed FAQ to answer common questions like how he arranges stuff on individual screens, why he prefers multi-screens instead of virtual desktops, cost of the setup and more. More pictures available on Flickr.

When you work on such a large desktop screen estate, it is very easy to lose track of the mouse pointer so Mitch uses a 96×96 sized cursor which is around 6x larger than the standard size.


If you find Mitch’s arrangement of monitors exciting, do check these multi-screen monitors that have as many as 8 LCD screens stitched as a single display. They cost a few thousand bucks and could be popular among Wall Street analysts.

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