Best Digital Voice Recorders with Speech Recognition Software

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 25, 2008

PCW recommends Sony voice recorders ICD MX20 from dictating emails, composing Word documents or jotting notes while you are away from the computer. These digital voice recorders are light and easy to carry.

Sony recording are available in two variants ICD-MX20 & ICD-MX20DR9 – both offer similar voice recording features but the DR9 is equipped with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software for converting speech to text and hence is slightly more expensive. If you already have Dragon NaturallySpeaking, go for ICD-MX20.

PCW Review: "The ICD-MX20 does an excellent job accurately transcribing my voice into text. I’ve dictated entire, lengthy e-mails complete with punctuation into the recorder and only had to make a few corrections after NaturallySpeaking transcribed my recordings.

The ICD-MX20 is also excellent for recording meetings and conferences. Keep in mind, however, that NaturallySpeaking isn’t capable of accurately transcribing any voice other than the one it’s been trained to recognize. You can’t record a meeting with multiple parties and expect it to type the whole thing into text." Link.

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