Video Demo of Amazon Kindle Book Reader

Adobe Kindle eBook Reader for reading blogs, newspapers, magazines and books while you are on the move. Doesn’t support PDF but you can read Microsoft Word Documents and more image formats.

November 20, 2007

scoble-kindleIf you visit the homepage today, all you see is a letter from Jeff Bezos promoting the just launched Kindle Book Reader with a screen that emulates a piece of paper.

Other than reading books, Amazon Kindle can also help you read blogs and digital editions of newspapers and magazines. There’s no support for reading Adobe PDF files in Kindle but you can view Word documents and pictures.

The very surprising thing is that you’ll have pay a monthly rent to Amazon for every blog that you want to read on Kindle. For instance, Scobleizer will cost $.99 per month if you read it on Kindle.

You will have to pay Amazon for reading even your Word Documents or viewing your personal pictures on Kindle. You will first have to email that text or doc file to a special email address which converts it into a Kindle compatible format and then it become available on Kindle. Total cost – $.10.

Here’s a promotional video demo of Adobe Kindle e-Book reader incase you are interested in the details and other feature of this device: