Charge your Laptop Computer with a Foot Pedal

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manual laptop charger There are two reasons why foot pedal based sewing machines are still so popular in India - first, they are relatively cheap and second, these machine are manual and can therefore work even without electricity current.

Easy Energy has applied the same logic to laptop chargers and created a foot pedal that produces enough power to charge a notebook computer or other electronic devices including cell phones and iPods.

Video Demo of Foot Laptop Charger

The advantage - you no longer have to hunt for free power points at the airport and this book-sized charger will work even in jungles and other remote areas where there’s no electricity.

You can charge the laptop battery and simultaneously work on the computer as well. Best of all, this device may also help you burn some extra calories while you charge the computer. The only problem is this is currently available only for distributors but should be available soon. [via]

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Published in: laptop

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