BlackBerry Shortcuts for Reading Lengthy Emails

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 8, 2010

Carry a BlackBerry mobile phone? Here’re some keyboard shortcuts that will help you quickly navigate through any of the long email messages that you may have in your BlackBerry Inbox.

BlackBerry Keyboard

If you in the middle of a lengthy email message, the “T” key will move you to the top of the screen while you can hit the “B” key to scroll to the bottom of the message.

Then you have the space key that lets you scroll through an email message one page (or screen) at the time. You can also use Space with the Shift key to move up the screen just like the Page-Up key on your desktop.

Finally, you have the very useful but lesser-known “G” key.

Let’s say you are reading a long email inside your BlackBerry and then have to close the mail app because there’s something more urgent at hand. When you re-open that same message later, you can hit the “G” key and it will take you back to the exact position in the message where you left off.

If you are using Pearl with SureType, press GH instead. This shortcut was recently shared by the BlackBerry team on Facebook and I doubt if its documented in your BlackBerry manual. Also see:

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