Asus Padphone – A Tablet with a Kangaroo Pouch

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 1, 2011
What is Padphone

With the launch of iPad, Apple introduced a new category of computing devices that were light and portable like mobile phones but more powerful than most netbook style computers.

Taiwanese computer maker Asus is taking a step further by marrying these two different devices into one. They have introduced Padphone, an hybrid device that looks like any other touch tablet but with a kangaroo pouch for carrying a smartphone. In other words, the tablet body itself acts as a case for the phone.

Why would anyone want an Asus Padphone? Well there are a few innovations listed in the specs that really impress.

One, you can have a single SIM card and share the data connection with both the phone and the tablet. The tablet can be used as a standalone charger for the mobile phone. The Padphone runs on Google Android and you don’t ever have to worry about transferring your files and other from the phone to the tablet or vice-versa.

The ASUS Padfone is a device that explores one possible convergence between two popular mobile devices – the smartphone and tablet. The Padfone solves the problem of data transfer hassles and multiple SIM cards when both a smartphone and 3G tablet are used.

With the Padfone, the smartphone docks inside the tablet to give users an expanded view to suit their tasks. With the phone docked, it can recharge from the tablet’s larger battery and the tablet can also make use of the smartphone’s 3G internet connection. The dual interfaces for both the pad and phone ensure an enhanced user experience as the layout is automatically adjusted for all activities such as video conferencing, web browsing and emailing.

asus padphone

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet but it will interesting to see how it shapes up in the coming months. Watch the following videos to get some more idea of Asus Padphone.

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