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The Google Forms addon lets you set up automatic email notifications when someone submits your Google Form. Internally, when a form is submitted, a trigger is invoked that uses the Gmail API to send email messages on your behalf. The trigger works in real-time and the notifications are sent instantly.

If you are not receiving email notifications, here are some troubleshooting tips.

1. Check your Email Folders

Open your Google Form, submit a test response and then go to the Sent Items folder of your Gmail account. A copy of all email notifications is automatically saved in your Gmail mailbox. Also, check the Spam folder of the recipient’s mailbox. Sometimes an email may get marked as junk due to the message content.

2. Is your Email Quota Over?

Free users can send up to 20 form responses per day while premium users can email up to 400 - 1500 recipients per 24 hours. Google Apps for Work, G Suite and Google Apps for Education users can send up to 1500 email recipients with the premium edition.

The daily email limit is email recipients per day and not email messages per day. Thus if you are emailing a single form response to 2 people, it will reduce your daily quota by 2. Gmail counts every email in the To, CC or BCC field as a separate email (even if they are part of the same message) and thus counts towards your quota.

Google will automatically reset your daily email limit at midnight Pacific Time.

3. Is Gmail Enabled for your Google Apps domain

If you are Google Apps / G Suite user, your domain admin needs to enable the Gmail service for you to send email messages through any of the Google Add-ons. See this link for steps on how to enable the Gmail service for users in your organization.

4. Are you Getting Multiple Email Notifications

It is likely that your Google Form is shared with multiple people. If they too have configured the Email Notifications add-on, the emails will go out from their email account resulting in duplicate emails.

To rectify the issue, open the Google Form, go to add-ons > Email Notifications, Troubleshooting and choose Disable Notifications. You need to do this under the email account that is sending the duplicate email notification.

5. Logged into Multiple Google Accounts

Google Forms add-on may not work if you are logged into multiple Google accounts in the same browser.

If you are unable to add or edit rules inside the Google Forms addon, try logging out of all the other Google Account. Alternatively, open Google Chrome, go to the menu and choose New Incognito Window. Here open the same Google Form and try editing the rule.

6. Cookies are Blocked in your Browser.

The Google Forms add-on requires you to ensure that third-party cookies are not blocked in your browser.

Please see this guide on how to enable cookies.

5. Restart Google Form Notifications

If you have changed your Google account password, or if you have revoked access to the addon under your Google Account settings, or if your Google Apps (G Suite) admin has changed any security settings, you may have to re-authorize the addon to get it working again.

Open the Google Form, go to Add-ons > Email Notifications > Troubleshoot and choose Restart. This will likely resume the notifications when all else has failed.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact technical support.

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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