How to Email Google Form Notifications to Multiple People

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Tara Harris writes - “I have created a Google Form, and when someone fills out the form, I would like that submission to go to myself and 4 other people. Is there a way for me to implement that?”

The Google Forms Email add-on can be used to email form data to one or more people. Install the Forms add-on and create a rule for sending email notifications (video tutorial).

A: Send Email to One or More Recipients

In the Email addresses to Notify field, you can put one or more email addresses of people who should receive the notifications.

Google Forms Email

B: Send Email to the Form Submitter

Suppose you have a question - Email Address - in your Google Form where you ask the submitter to provide their email address. You can put {{Email Address}} in the notify field to send a confirmation email to the person who filled that form.

If your Google Form requires the submitter to login into their Google Account before they can complete the form and you are also collecting email addresses, the field {{Username}} will automatically hold the respondent’s email address. In that case, you can put {{Username}} in the notify emails field to send an auto-response to the submitter.

C: Notify Form Submitter

There’s another easy way to send email notifications to the Form Submitter. Check the Notify Submitter box and select the field in the drop-down where you are asking the respondent to fill their email address.

Notify Google Forms Submitter

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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