How to Customize Email Messages Sent by Google Forms

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When a visitor submits your Google Form, you can automatically send them a confirmation email and also send an email to the form owner letting them know that a new form response has been received.

The email notifications send through Google Forms can be easily customized using HTML tags. Similar to Gmail Mail Merge, you can also include dynamic form data in your email messages using the double curly braces notation.


If you enclose a question title inside double curly braces, it becomes a variable field. The add-on, at the time of sending the email, will replace all such variable fields using corresponding answers from the form response.

Dynamic form fields can be included in the email subject, the body of the confirmation email and also the PDF file name. You can either add the variables manually or click the “+Add” drop-down menu to quickly access all the variables that are available for your form.

In addition to question titles, the following variables are available:

  • {{All Answers}} - Include all non-blank answers in the email, formatted as a table.
  • {{Response Date}} - The date and time of form submission
  • {{Response Id}}  - A unique id of the form entry
  • {{Response Number}} - Inserts the entry number of the form response
  • {{Response Url}} - Secret link to edit the current form submission

Please note that tracking details like browser name or IP address of the person who filled out the form cannot be captured as Google Forms does not provide this data via the API.


The form notification email is written in HTML and thus can be formatted using any HTML tags. For instance, if you use Dear {{Full Name}} in the body, the name will be italicized in the actual email. Similarly enclosing any text or variable field inside tag will make it bold.

How to Include Logos and Images in Form Emails

If you would like to include your brand logo image in the form email, go to image hosting service and upload the image. Next copy-paste the tag anywhere in the email body.

You can also use HTML Mail to generate beautiful emails.

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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