How to Change the Reply-To Email Address in Google Form Notifications

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The Reply-To email address is the address where the emails go when someone replies to your email notification generated by the Google Forms addon.

By default, the reply to address is set the email address of the form owner so all replies to form notifications emails are sent to them. You can, however, use any other email address in the reply to field.

How to Set Reply To Email in Google Forms

Go to the Google Forms, choose Add-ons and then Email Notifications. You can either create a new email notification rule or edit an existing notification.


In the notifications editor, type the email address in the reply to field where you would like the replies to go. You should include only a single email address and it must be a valid email.

Send Replies to Form Respondent

Change the reply to address to go to the form submitter’s email

It is also possible to have the form submitter’s email address in the reply to field. This is useful because you can respond to the form submitter by simply replying to the notification email without having to manually change the email in the To: box.

To edit the reply-to email address and set it to the respondent’s email address, edit the notification and put the {{Email Question}} in the reply to field. For instance, if your form question is “Your email”, you should put {{Your email}} in the reply-to field and.

The template variable in double curly braces will be replaced with the actual email address filled by the user when they were submitting the form. Please note that you can only have a single email address in the Reply-To field.

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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