Digital Inspiration often receives “unrequested” compliments and comments from all over the world. You can view some of these messages below. If you would like to share your own experience, please send me a note.

Lifehacker — Digital Inspiration is an oft-linked blog here at Lifehacker, and its author is a very savvy digital worker.
Matt Mullenweg (WordPress Founder) — I really enjoyed your presentation on ads – definitely some things I want to try out on our stuff.
Amitabh Bachchan (Veteran Bollywood Actor) — I am using Tall Tweets to write longer status messages on Twitter (Tall Tweets is a Digital Inspiration project)
Jeremy Wagstaff (Thomson Reuters) — Amit Agarwal, an India-based blogger of impeccable test and refinement.
Leo Laporte (Twit TV) — Digital Inspiration is an excellent blog.
Steve Rubel (EVP - Edelman) — In Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat he talks extensively about “the great leveling.” It’s reality. All you need to do is look to the emerging voices from Asia Pacific (APAC) and their ability to make money from US advertisers. A lot of talented, new voices are emerging from the region – and quickly at that. Two of my favorites are Amit Agarwal, a technology analyst from India and author of Digital Inspiration, and Leo Babauta.
Loren Baker (Search Engine Journal) — ..Indian blogger extraordinaire..
Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb) — Amit Agarwal consistently discovers some of the coolest apps, widgets and tricks before anyone else. If you’re not among his 18k subscribers, you should be.
Gina Trapani (Smarterware) — [Digital Inspiration] is great..we link to him all the time.
Allen Stern (Center Networks) — ..your posts are always informative and well-researched.
Jane Friedman (University of Cincinnati) — I recommend these resources particularly because they are friendly to beginners while having immediate impact on your online efficiency and tech literacy. They assume nothing about your prior knowledge, and they cover fundamental tools.
Dr Tony Hung (Former Editor, Blog Herald) — I’ve had a chance to work with bloggers from around the world, and I’ve got to say that, pound for pound, bloggers *not* from North America, but who are from areas where English is an official language, can write just as well as their North American counter parts, and are just as hungry for blogging jobs where they can find them. India is another good example, like the wildly successful Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration.
Thomas Blake (Of Zen & Computing) — Digital Inspiration is an excellent technology blog that enables readers to spend more time on the things they love by providing the information needed to make the best use of available software. Digital Inspiration publishes down-to-earth advice columns that manage to capture the interest of readers with diverse levels of tech-sophistication.
Bojan Djordjevic (Belgrade) — ..labnol will never disappoint you, because his arsenal of tricks is endless. He makes his life with AdSense by providing genuine content found no where else on the web. Even so I never needed some of his advice, those helped me a lot and saved a lot of my time.
Wayne Marr (University of Alaska Fairbanks) — I read your Digital Inspiration and assign many articles from your publication to my class at the University of Alaska. I work to keep my class on the edge. GREAT WORK.
Evelyn Parham — I am writing to thank you for the tutorial you published about how to move from Blogger to WordPress. Your tutorial saved me $125. I did the migration and followed your steps exactly (so easy to do) as you have in your post and all went well.
Troy Spetz (Leiden, Netherlands) — Your newsletter is one of a very few which makes it past my inbox filters. I always find at least one article of great interest to me in every e-mail newsletter you send out. Thanks for doing such a great service to the online community!
Daisy Mary (24/7 Inc) — I am a new user of your site and huge lover of this site. I really appreciate the person-in-charge of this for his wonderful coordination and mastery in his field. Needless to say we are all benefited by your work immensely. Thank You.
David Bogdanov — Just wanted to thank you for a blog that I probably read more than just about any other. Good content and personable. Just like ‘back in the day’ when I’d start my day with a newspaper and a cup of coffee, now I look forward to Digital Inspiration each day it appears in my mailbox!
Paul Kennedy (Moncton, New Brunswick) — Labnol is not only an outlet for his ideas and opinions but contains a wealth on information about technology and how to use it. This self help information has also earned Amit international fame due to his rags to riches story of perseverance and business ingenuity.
Jay Cross (Author, Informal Learning) — Amit Agarwal writes a very accessible, inspirational and popular technology blog that includes tutorials and how-to guides related to software, computers, and internet.
Anonymous — “Many of your technology posts are so useful and simple to follow with all needed links to install and understand about new software, that I now really first like to search my reader or your web site first for answers to my technology related questions. Many a times I am spared of googling for my question as I get all needed info from your posts itself and I do not need to google then. Thanks a lot.
Robert Nagle (Personville Press) — I’ve been blogging too long to be easily impressed by bloggers (popular or obscure). But two bloggers that have bowled me over recently have been Out of the Woods Now and Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration blog (generic practical geekiness, Lifehacker but better).
Press Run — Not that I need or understand every hack suggested by Digital Inspiration or Lifehacker, but I check them almost every day. Indian Amit Agarwal who created Digital Inspiration is a blogger one must read to keep up with the technology and learn new things about blogging and social media. He is highly informative, full of useful advice, writes simply and is very reader-friendly.
David Portney — I really like the “Digital Inspiration” blog. Sometimes a bit TOO techie, but a never ending stream of great stuff.